Grow Your Brand with Amanda Lynn

Are a local maker who is looking for a collaboration opportunity? Amanda and team are here to work with you!

We have seen great success in working with our producers from an ingredients perspective; reducing our foot print as well as supporting other growers and makers in the Manitoban and NW Ontarian landscapes has had many benefits for all growers, makers and consumers.

Our love of collaboration lives in our business every day. You can just take a look at our perogy menu for the taste adventure of a lifetime! The Amanda Lynn Team dreams up perogy, pizza and dessert ideas - we (taste) test and test and voila! We know we can work together to create quality, delicious, gluten free food that everyone can enjoy.

We took our love of collaborating one step further! Now we are working with other local makers to create new, exciting and innovative products.

You can find our first perogy collaboration, with Tammy from Ferment for You on our website and in select stores: Potato with Kraut & Bacon.

Amanda is currently working with Solomon from AlleArten Canada Inc testing his cassava flour. If you are a FAB member you will get to try the results 1st in March 2023!

Let's answer the main question. Why work with Amanda Lynn?

Amanda lives a gluten-free lifestyle. Her proved ability in taking traditional recipes and creating delicious allergen friendly equivalents has led to the Amanda Lynn Gluten Free Brand being recognized as an industry leader in quality, taste, and innovation. 

Her work-life has been service based, with over 7 years corporate management experience, and year over year growth in her company. Along with her award winning Team, they are  passionate about creating and serving the very best in gluten free.

We are offering these services as we think globally and act locally.

Email Amanda for a free 15 minute consultation meeting today,