Q. I am celiac, can I eat your products?
A. Yes! We are a dedicated gluten free facility! Amanda Lynn herself is celiac - so rest assured, you can eat well here. 

Q. I am gluten free and dairy free - what can I have?
A. Hey, Amanda Lynn is too! Most products are made to suit this need! Check out our website (Simply search dairy free for all our options)

Q. I am vegan, what can I have?
A. Great! We have lots to offer you from all product lines! (Simply search vegan for all our options)

Q. I have a friend who has a laundry list of allergies, should I even bother reading the labels?
A. Yes and No! Give us a call at the store! We can help you navigate your friends' allergies no problem.

Q. Are you a nut free facility?
A. YES! As of Summer 2021 we have been cleared as a dedicated nut free facility.

Q. But are your perogies any good?
A. Just a little better than the "normal" ones ;)