Q. I am celiac, can I eat your products?
A. Yes! We are a dedicated gluten free facility! Amanda Lynn herself is celiac - so rest assured, you can eat well here. 
Q. I am gluten free and dairy free - what can I have?
A. Hey, Amanda Lynn is too! Most products are made to suit this need! Check out our website (Simply search dairy free for all our options)
Q. I am vegan, what can I have?
A. Great! We have lots to offer you from all product lines! (Simply search vegan for all our options)
Q. I have a friend who has a laundry list of allergies, should I even bother reading the labels?
A. Yes and No! Give us a call at the store! We can help you navigate your friends' allergies no problem.
Q. Are you a nut free facility?
A. YES! As of Summer 2021 we have been cleared as a dedicated nut free facility.
Q. Do I really need to keep the perogies frozen in transit?
A. YES! Our perogies are frozen RAW so you get the very best perogy eating experience at home. Keep them frozen until cooking and follow the cooking instructions on the bag or see our cooking instruction page.
Q. But are your perogies any good?
A. Just a little better than the "normal" ones ;)