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Perogies are arguably the mainstay of Ukrainian comfort foods. They’re warm, nourishing, and made with love by hand. If you have grown up in Manitoba, you know what we’re talking about! Perogies are part of family gatherings, fundraisers, and hearty meals all year round.

At Amanda Lynn, we make delicious handmade perogies with more than 20 varieties of fillings. We like to incorporate fresh, local produce when it’s in season, so check back regularly to see what’s new in the store. All of our perogy fillings are made from scratch using quality ingredients.

You’ll find traditional fillings like Potato & Cheddar (Potato & “Cheese” for our vegan and dairy-free customers!) and Seasoned Potato, but you’ll also find our popular new fillings like Fresh Mushroom Medley, Organic Sweet Potato & Jalapeño, or Potato, Onion, & Dill. And wait until you try our Blueberry Dessert Perogy!

When people try our perogies, they can’t believe that they are gluten free. Amanda Lynn learned to make perogies with her beloved Mom and her Ukrainian Baba (grandma), who founded Sevala’s Ukrainian restaurant in Winnipeg. From a young age, Amanda Lynn was an expert at filling and pinching perogies with her mother and her Baba.

When Amanda Lynn was diagnosed with Celiac disease, she spent years figuring out how to make a gluten free perogy dough that was as light and elastic as a wheat flour dough. Her success is in the taste and texture, which has earned her loyal customers who require gluten free as well as non-gluten free people who like them better than gluten perogies! She also created a vegan dough to meet demand for vegan perogies.

Our perogies are made with love in our dedicated gluten free facility in Anola, Manitoba, just a short drive east of Winnipeg. Everything we make is gluten free and we are proud to serve great-tasting perogies that cater to dairy-free and vegan diets as well. Just like Amanda Lynn’s Mom and Baba, we like sharing hearty, homemade perogies that we’ve made by hand with everyone gathered around your table.

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